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Safety is one of our core values, and we believe that by working together with integrity, we will create an incident-free workplace. We can make this a reality if we have the right attitude towards health, safety and the environment. Together we can achieve this by correctly following instructions and procedures, upholding the Groups high standards and never cutting corners, by helping others who may be new to a worksite and by challenging those who disregard our rules, we all have a part to play.
I believe that safety, quality and good management are inextricably linked and together they lead to a more productive and safer workforce. To aid in our objective of an ‘incident-free workplace’ we have developed an interactive HSQE Induction which provides learners with an extensive overview of how to develop safe working practices.
Please take the time to read each module carefully as there will be an assessment once all sections have been completed. Make sure you do not become complacent. Remember: it is vital to remain safety conscious at all times. If we all do so, we can create a business which is second to none in terms of safe project delivery.
Steve Milroy
HSQE Manager

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